Center of the client's service Center of the client's service

You can pay Sazz Services cashier's office, which is located at the center of client's services.

ibar_icon Payment via International Bank of Azerbaijan

Payment for Sazz services also possible in any branch of International Bank of Azerbaijan.

Payment by the corporate clients Payment by the corporate clients

Corporate clients makes payment by noncash in accordance to the conditions of the agreement.Additionally, you can come to our head office.

Online payments

Payment for Sazz service can be made in your personal account with any bank card that is supported by Master Card/Visa.

atm_icon Payment via ATM

You can make payment via ATM, following the instructions in the ATM menu, and to transfer money from your bank account to your Sazz account.

atm_icon Payment via e-wallet

Payment for Sazz services can be made via e-wallet